When you feel like you are lost in your life, remember what is most important for you and what makes you excited

Hello, it’s me Kana ( @kpagtscrrr ).

I haven’t posted English blog, so I decided to write in English this time.

As I mentioned in my last post, I was kind of overwhelmed by what was going on around me. I was not sure if what I was doing was the right thing I shoud have done that time.

I was feeling like I got lost in my life. I could not make it clear that what I wanna do with my life.


I didn’t know how to deal with that like kind of emotion, so I told about this to my trustable person.

By talking with him, my thoughts became clear and I found what I had left behind, which was most important in my life.


I was running so fast that I left what I liked behind.

I noticed that what I really needed to was to stop a bit. Sometimes it is difficult to do it, but looking at myself from a different perspective is very significant.

So if there is someone who is feeling like you are lost in your own life out there, I suggest you stop a little bit and see yourself from outside.

Then you can find out what you really need.

This is all about what I wanted to tell each of you today.

See you next time.

Have a nice day.