How to deal with irritation

Hi, it’s me, Kana( @kpagtscrrr ).

It’s getting freezing cold. It is hard to get out of bed every morning because of this cold weather…

The other day, I confronted the situation that friend of mine said something which irritated people.

Some people were like, “What is this guy saying? Seriously?.” That was totally offensive and as soon as he said that, I thought that “okay he would piss everyone off.”

Buuut, for me,  I could see this situation objectively. After that happened, a girl asked me why I was so calm.

So in this post, I will be writing the secret how not to be irritated by many things.

Try to think s/he is stressed out



When I face the situation in which people are upset, I always try to think that they may be having a bad day. That is why they can’t be nice to others.

Haven’t you had this situation?

Let’s say, you and your friend are going to go out. But your friend says “Sorry I can’t go today” in last minute. You are already at the place to meet up.

You might be like “What!? She should have let me know much earlier!”

Then, of course, you get mad, and you somehow try to release your irritation towards others.


This situation is exactly I said above. When people are upset, they can’t be gentle.


If you confront this situation from now on, try to think the way I said earlier, then you will be able to adapt yourself to the situation.

Be nice


If you are nice, people will think that they want to be a friend of yours.

But here is a warning.


At first, it might be hard to do this for you, so don’t think you are not kind enough even if you can’t do this well, okay?


so that is all that I wanted to talk about today.


Its really getting cold, so take care of yourself!!!