5 Places You Should Visit In Japan


Hi guys, it’s me Kana( @kpagtscrrr )

As I mentioned in the last post, I’m living in Japan, so let me show you some spots I highly recommend!

Harajuku Street

I think most of you know that Tokyo is a capital city and the biggest city in Japan!

There are so many places you can enjoy, but I highly recommend you go to Takeshita street. There are so many “kawaii” things!!

Here is the link to the official website ↓

As for sweets, if you can go there, you have to try to eat crepes!!

Temples in Kyoto

Kyoto is also one of the most famous places in Japan.

If you have an opportunity to go there, you should visit Kiyomizu temple.

That is SUPER  beautiful! Especially in fall, the temple and red leaves go really well, so you’ll be amazed by the view 🍁🍂

You can get more information below.

Universal Studios

This is not very Japanese but you can definitely enjoy!

In every season, some anime-related attractions are available! Also, there are so many people wearing costumes, so you can wear costumes too and have fun!!

And yes, at universal studios In Japan, you can enjoy Harry Potter attractions!!



You can know more about it on the website !!

You can go to the official website from the button below.

Dotonbori In Osaka

Dotonbori is a famous spot in Osaka! It’s especially famous for the advertising displays of a crab and man posing!! Here is the photo of the latter one!

The man in the middle of this photo is really popular and a lot of people take pics with them from the bridge! If you’ll go there, you should also take a photo with it 🙂

And also, if you are planning to go there, I recommend you try to eat Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki!!

Since Osaka is a birthplace of them, there are so many restaurants which you can have them! So you can find your favorite restaurant!! ✨



If you’re interested in Japan, you may know what onsen is. Yes, it’s known as a hot spring! And  Atami is very famous for onsen!


There are so many onsen places around Japan, but Atami is the most popular and famous in Japan.

You can find your favorite onsen spot in this area, then you should go!

Why don’t you come to Japan!

So here are 5 spots you should go if you have an opportunity to come to Japan!!

Japan is such a nice place, so if you are interested in, you should definitely experience these things!!

Have a nice day🌷